Tourist Places


Tourist places to visit in the district.

Shrinathji temple
Shrinathji ka bada temple Rajgarh
Category Religious

A large temple of Shrinathji is situated amidst the hills on the banks of river Nevaj, famous for its ancient…

pasupatinath temple Biaora
Ghurel Pashupatinath Temple-Biaora
Category Religious

The Pashupati Nath Ghurel temple of historical importance is heavily crowded every year on shrawan Monday, this temple is situated…

Shani Temple
Shani Temple Khilchipur
Category Religious

There is an ancient Shani temple in the complex located at Naharda in Khilchipur. Thousands of people come from here…

Kapileshwar Mahadev Temple-Sarangpur
Category Religious

Kapileshwar Mahadev Temple, built in the middle of the river Kalisindh, is famous for its supernaturalism, natural beauty and religiosity…

Bheswamata (Bijasan mata ) Temple -Sarangpur
Category Religious

The Bheswamata (Bijasan mata ) mandir is run by trust, trustee including 11 government ex-officio members, MLA, District President, Panchayat…

Tirupati balaji mandir zirapur
Category Religious

The glory of Tirupati Balajee is worldwide. Every year lakhs of people visit at Tirupati Dev, situated in south of…

vaisnodevi suthaliya
Veshnodevi Temple Suthalia-Biaora
Category Natural / Scenic beauty, Religious

Veshnodevi Temple is near tehsil Suthalia situated on the Maksudangarh-Latteri road. In this temple Maa Veshnodham Cave has also been…

Kundalia dam
Category Natural / Scenic beauty

Kundalia major irrigation project has been constructed on the Kalisindh River between District Rajgarh and District Agar-Malwa in Madhya Pradesh….

mohanpura dam
Mohanpura dam Rajgarh
Category Natural / Scenic beauty

Mohanpura Irrigation Project is the first such project in the country that will irrigate fields with pressure. This is the…

Anjanilal Mandir Biaora
Category Religious

About 45 years ago, Lord Anjani Lalji was seated on a platform in a secluded area amidst dense thickets away…