Shani Temple Khilchipur

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There is an ancient Shani temple in the complex located at Naharda in Khilchipur. Thousands of people come from here from the district as well as from other parts of the state. On Shanichari Amavasya, the only ancient Shani temple in the district is crowded with devotees.
Maharaja Diwan Ugrasen of the princely state of Khilchipur first installed the statue of Shani Dev on the banks of the Gadganga in Khilchipur. Maharaja Ugrasen installed Lord Shani Dev near the river as in his dream as the Swambhu statue was removed from the river Gangaganga but at that time there was dense forest in which there were other dangerous wild animals including lions, due to which the devotees used to have a lot of difficulty in coming, so after some time in the year 1920, Maharaja Bahadur Sarkar of the princely state of Khilchipur Durjan Lal Singh Ji installed , where Shani Dev is sitting. Then construction work of Shani Temple was done since then till today, the day of Hariyali Amavas is celebrated as the foundation day of Shani temple.

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How to Reach:

By Air

155 KM from Bhopal airport

By Train

43 KM from Biaora railway Station

By Road

1 KM from Khilchipur, 20 KM from Rajgarh HQ