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A large temple of Shrinathji is situated amidst the hills on the banks of river Nevaj, famous for its ancient and grandeur. The architecture of this magnificent temple establishes the identity of the city. It is very beautiful. Due to being situated on the banks of the river, when the water level of the river rises during the rainy season, the garbha griha of the temple is submerged. The then King Balbahadur Singh Ji started construction of the temple in the year 1887, as an inspiration to build the temple of the grand prince of the princely state of Rajgarh in the dream in 1887, it took 24 years to build the temple. On completion of the construction work, the then King Bainsinghji established the very beautiful Vigraha (idol) of Lord Shrinathji in the auspicious time on the tenth day of the Jyestha month of 1911, “Ganga Dussehra”, in the auspicious time. Every year Ganga Dasami is celebrated as the Patotsav (Foundation Day) of the temple. Since the year 1911, the order of the Lord’s Ashtayam Seva Darshan continues in the temple continuously. Every day Mangala Aarti is performed at 8.30 Shringar Darshan 9.15 and Rajbhog Darshan at 10.15 and in the evening at 6.15, the evening Bhog at 6.30 and Shayan Darshan at 7.00.
Festivals and Festivals of the year: Krishna Janmashtami, Nandamohotsav, Nokavihar, Ramnavami, Holi Phoolphag, Annakut Festival, Shravanmas, Hindola Utsav etc. are celebrated with great pomp and show.
This temple is the tallest (111 feet) shikhara temple in the state on the banks of river Nevaj. During the evening, the Romachak Drisha is seen on the summit of the temple, in fact hundreds of pigeons, who quench their thirst in the river, can be seen circling around the summit of the temple with a flock. By looking at the birds, it seems that the birds are also getting the merit benefits by revolving around God. Hundreds of people reach the temple to see this scene in the evening and take advantage of the vision of Lord Shrinathji. The temple is more than 100 years old, with the temple administration taking full care of the temple and periodically repairing / renovation work done, the temple building seems to be the latest even today.

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How to Reach:

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145 KM from Bhopal airport

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24 KM from Biaora railway station

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1 KM from Rajgarh bus stand