Tourist Places


Tourist places to visit in the district.

jalpa hill
Jalpamata Temple-Rajgarh
Category Religious

Jalpamata Temple-Rajgarh A beautiful temple is just 4 Kms. from Rajgarh.  It is on the high hill & you can…

Dargah Shareif
Dargah Shareif- Rajgarh
Category Religious

Dargah Shareif- Rajgarh A saint HAZRAT SYED. QURBAN ALI SHAH BADAKHSHANI known as “Baba Badakshani R.A.” born in 1245 (hijri)…

Chidikho entrance gate
Category Natural / Scenic beauty

Chidikho-Narsinghgarh Wild Life Sancutary of Narsinghgarh is among one of the 35 sancturies of M.P. established in 1978 under Forest…

Shyamji Sanka Temple
Shyamji Sanka Temple-Narsinghgarh
Category Historic, Natural / Scenic beauty, Religious

Shyamji Sanka Temple-Narsinghgarh A Sanka is a small village situated near the river Parvati and is about 5Km from Kotra…

Narsinghgarh Town
Category Historic

Narsinghgarh Town The town is nearly 300 years old having been founded in 1681 by Dewan Parasram. The beautiful lake…