Narsinghgarh Town

Narsinghgarh Town

The town is nearly 300 years old having been founded in 1681 by Dewan Parasram. The beautiful lake in the town in which is reflected the old fort and palace still bears the name of the founder. The town is 83 Kms. from the Bhopal and is reached by a good road. The site of the town is the place of temple of Shiva – then known as Topila Mahadeo, for the persons who lived there manufactured toplis or basket. Hence the name stick. It is however in the autumnal months that the place becomes exceedingly picturesque and beautiful. From the top of the Baijnath Mahadeo temple the pleasant panorama is very appealing, with the lakes of full limpid water, with the land carpeted in lush green grass, with the small streams racing down the slopes of the hills and hills themselves covered with good vegetation and as rustling wind sweeps the murmuring countryside adorned with mellowing crops, radiant in the evening sun, the brilliance of blue skies seems to evenly matched with the grandeur of the green.

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How to Reach:

By Air

Connected by air from State HQ Bhopal, it is 90km from State Capital Bhopal

By Train

Connected by rail from Block HQ Biaora , it is 30km from Bioara

By Road

Connected by road , it is 64 km from district HQ