Dargah Shareif- Rajgarh

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Dargah Shareif- Rajgarh

A saint HAZRAT SYED. QURBAN ALI SHAH BADAKHSHANI known as “Baba Badakshani R.A.” born in 1245 (hijri) at Badakshan & came to India in 1268 (hijri) from Badakhshan of Afganistan and later he came to Rajgarh in 1309 hijri. In the year 1914 A.D. he died on 20th of the holly month of Ramazan of 1334 hijri. Since then his death anniversary is celebrated as “URS” in the month of March from 10-12. People of all communities from all over the India and some of other countries come in to the URS for spiritual gain. One day before the departure, you prepared yourself a house for yourself and explained the burial to the burialists. As soon as you heard this news, the crowd of people in the city started appearing for a huge number of your views. In the year 1914, on the 20th of the month of Ramazan Mubarak, the Islamic month went on to infiltrate the world. According to a document on your grave Mubarak, the elephant mausoleum was prepared under the agreement on August 28, 1915. Which is present even today with its full bliss.Which is known as Dargah Baba Badakhshani. Later the mosque, Sahadari, guest house, langar room and other buildings were constructed around the dargah.Urs is organized on Dargah Sharif from 10th to 12th March every year. In spite of not only the country but the foreigners coming from abroad.During the Urs, a program of Mahfile Sama ie Qawwali is organized all over, in which the famous Qawwal parties of the country do Sufiana Kalam. Also, a big fair is organized in which thousands of numbers are available for shops and entertainment.Also, a big fair is organized in which thousands of numbers are available for shops and entertainment. Thousands of people of all religions and societies attend the dargah without any discrimination and offer their respect.For the past 100 years this place has become a symbol of secularism and communal harmony.

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How to Reach:

By Air

connected by air from State Capital Bhopal which is 145km

By Train

connected by Train from Bioara Block HQ , it is 24km from Bioara

By Road

connected by road , it is at District HQ