Natural / Scenic beauty

vaisnodevi suthaliya
Veshnodevi Temple Suthalia-Biaora
Category Natural / Scenic beauty, Religious

Veshnodevi Temple is near tehsil Suthalia situated on the Maksudangarh-Latteri road. In this temple Maa Veshnodham Cave has also been…

Kundalia dam
Category Natural / Scenic beauty

Kundalia major irrigation project has been constructed on the Kalisindh River between District Rajgarh and District Agar-Malwa in Madhya Pradesh….

mohanpura dam
Mohanpura dam Rajgarh
Category Natural / Scenic beauty

Mohanpura Irrigation Project is the first such project in the country that will irrigate fields with pressure. This is the…

Chidikho entrance gate
Category Natural / Scenic beauty

Chidikho-Narsinghgarh Wild Life Sancutary of Narsinghgarh is among one of the 35 sancturies of M.P. established in 1978 under Forest…

Shyamji Sanka Temple
Shyamji Sanka Temple-Narsinghgarh
Category Historic, Natural / Scenic beauty, Religious

Shyamji Sanka Temple-Narsinghgarh A Sanka is a small village situated near the river Parvati and is about 5Km from Kotra…