Digital Locker is one of the key initiatives under the Digital India Programme -Digital Locker is aimed at minimizing the usage of physical documents and enable sharing of e-documents across agencies.

With the help of this Portal, the sharing of the e-documents will be done through registered repositories thereby ensuring the authenticity of the documents online. Residents can also upload their own electronic documents and digitally sign them using the e-sign facility. These digitally signed documents can be shared with Government organizations or other entities.

Dedicated 1GB free personal storage space, linked to each resident’s Aadhaar, to securely store e-documents and to store URI link of e-documents for accessing them directly from the repositories.
Sharing of secured e-documents with requesters.
Currently accessible via web portal, will be made accessible through mobile application also.
Integrated e-Sign service to digitally sign documents

collectorate Rajgarh

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