Rajgarh is located at western part of Madhya Pradesh. It borders the state of Rajasthan, and the districts of Shajapur, Sehore, and Bhopal. Rajgarh District extends between the parallels of latitude 23027′ 12″ North and 24017′ 20″ North and between the meridians of longitude 76011′ 15″ and 77014′ East. The total geographical area of the District is 6,154 sq.km. with a population of 15,45,814 according to census 2011. It is 145 KMs from the state capital Bhopal.


  • Area: 6,154 Sq. Km.
  • Population: 15,45,814
  • Language: Hindi
  • Villages: 1728
  • Male: 7,90,212
  • Female: 7,55,602
Collector Rajgarh
Collector Rajgarh Ms. Nidhi Nivedita

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