SAM free Rajgarh abhiyan

21/09/2019 - 31/03/2020

Malnutrition Free Rajgarh (SAM Free Rajgarh)

Malnutrition is the biggest obstacle in realizing the dream of a healthy India, more than seven lakh children die every year due to malnutrition in the country. According to the survey, 25.8% of children in Madhya Pradesh suffer from leanness, and if they look at the state of Rajgarh district, this figure is 32.1%. SAM-free Rajgarh is a very sensitive and ambitious program launched by the district administration and Women and Child Development to re-nourish the children with very severe malnourished. Under which, all the children at the Anganwadi center in the district were monitored for growth, monitoring their children with severe malnutrition and conducting health tests and officers, employees and people posted in various departments adopted children for continuous monitoring of nutrition and health of malnourished children. From time to time by the parents of malnourished children, all the family members were made aware of nutrition, health and cleanliness, and the children were provided with various nutritious food items Weight and MUAC measurements were taken by the Anganwadi worker every week to monitor the changes in the health of the children with very severe mal nutrition and height / length was also recorded in the monthly growth monitoring session Under the guidance of the project officers, the supervisors visited the house and made the family aware and provided proper support to the workers. Through the continuous efforts of the officers, employees and public representatives and the services of Women and Child Development, 375 children identified in the district have been successful in bringing them out of the category of very severe malnourished and improve their health. In order to make all the residents of the district aware of this, the people are being made aware by providing nutrition related information during the VHSND session every month by the Women and Child Development and also pregnant on various MangalDivas held every Tuesday at Anganwadi centers. By communicating nutrition to mothers, midwives and other members, the district is being made aware to free malnutrition

Same free campaign … 375 very severely malnourished children were adopted, 374 became malnutrition free in two months


Success stories

1- story of child adopted by Collector

Adopt malnourished children, join Rajgarh SAM Free Campaign

A campaign is being run by the Women and child Development Department with the aim of freeing severely malnourished children from the category of malnutrition. In which adopting malnourished children, any one can join the campaign

For detail Contacts

Chandrasena Bhide

District Women Child Development Officer
District Rajgarh
First Floor , Collectorate composite building
Mobile Number: 9630188481
Facebook page : Women Child Development Dept Rajgarh

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