Video Conferencing Centre Rajgarh

The services of NIC in rajgarh to District Administration, State Govt. Departments can be broadly categorized as below:

  • Software Design & Development
  • Networking
  • Internet Services
  • Web Site Development & Hosting
  • Video Conferencing
  • Training
  • Consultancy


IT infrastructure of the Centre

 Basic Hardware.

Xeon 2.4 GHz Server- HCL- Infiniti GL 2700HN, Motherboard Intel SE7501-HG2 with Intel Xeon 2.4 GHz processor /512 L2 Cache/Support for dual processor, 1GB (2X512) DDR SDRAM, 5X36 GB Ultra 320 SCSI Hot pluggable HDD with RAID 5 implementation /16 X DVD

Pentium 4 Client System - PCS/ORIION Zx, Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz/ 2X512MB DDR RAM/80 GB HDD/512 Cache/16X DVD

AMD Athlon 64 bit 3200+ WIPRO (SuperGenius Slim-line) 2*512 MD DDR 400 Memory, 120GB 7200RPM SATA HDD

AMD Athlon 64 bit 4200+Wipro(Slim-line) 2x512 –DDR2-533 M, 160GB 7200RPM SATA HDD,

LAPTOP -Dell- Latitude E5400

Intel core(TM) 2 duo processor T7250, 8X-DVD writer, 160GB H/Disk , 2GB(2X1GB) –DDR2 SDRAM

Rack Mount Server Dell, Poweredge R715
Processor (2nos)-AMD 8 Core E6128, 2.0Ghz
L2-8X512K, L3-12MB, 32GB (16X2GB) DDR3
5x300 GB h/disk, Graphics Controller-8MB,
Monitor -19” TFT ,DVD Writer

Slime Line Pc-client-HCL infiniti orbital M F060 Pro(2nos)
AMD Phenom II x4 955 3.2ghz, L2-2MB
L3-6MB Cache, 4GB (2X2GB) DDR3 SDRAM
320GB H/disk, DVD Writer, 18.5” LED (Wide) Monitor,



10KVA Numeric ,5KVA Tritronics, 2 KVA -Numric



MFP-4345 (Print/SCAN/FAX)

Laser Printer :Samsung -ML1450


Hp laser jet8350

D Link 16 Port Ethernet Hub


1-5 TN

Operating System

Windows 2003 Server, Red Hat Linux, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP, Windows 7

External   Gateway for NICNET

2 leased line from BSNL (100MBPS Leased Line and 1GB leased line)

LAN Equipment      

Managed Switches

System    Software

Visual Studio,  MS-Office 2010, SQL Server 2005, Acrobat professional 7.0, Studio 8.0



Design by: NIC District centre, Rajgarh(Biaora) MP